Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Face


At Thu Jan 03, 06:39:00 AM PST, Blogger Josy said...

Not only is it a fascinating squash/gourd on its own, but it's been made even more interesting with the addition of a few strategically-placed pen marks. Cute!

And have a happy new year!

At Thu Jan 03, 08:49:00 PM PST, Blogger get zapped said...

Yes, I agree! And a friend (who grew it)- her young daughters did the clever pen marks, which makes it even more special.

Thanks for the good wishes!

At Fri Jan 04, 03:38:00 AM PST, Blogger K M F said...

nice one

At Fri Jan 04, 12:07:00 PM PST, Blogger raindog said...

nice :)


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