Friday, April 20, 2007

Garden Statuary 2

More beautiful creatures from "A Lot of Flowers".


At Fri Apr 20, 08:50:00 PM PDT, Blogger Pod said...

lovely shadows and light! yes i am feeling much better. thanks for the warm wishes! have a fresh weekend

At Mon Apr 23, 12:20:00 PM PDT, Blogger get zapped said...

oh good, I'm happy you're feeling better ;)

At Mon Apr 23, 11:33:00 PM PDT, Anonymous josy c said...

These are gorgeous photographs. The light play is really fantastic. I just wish Blogger would let you post 'em larger. I know I can see 'em bigger if I click on 'em, but... they'd just be more in-your-face powerful if they were large from the start.

...this is a little incoherent. In my defense, it's after 2:30 AM.

At Tue Apr 24, 10:38:00 AM PDT, Blogger get zapped said...

hey josy- it's nice to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the light so late at night ;)


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